Terms and Conditions

What is Friend's shop?

Friend's shop is a shopping website where you can buy several stuffs online at the best price. Here Freindshop have multiple local shops registered with us where customers can get tremendous shopping experience. These make Friendshop a little better than other online shopping websites. Customers can order their products through Friendshop and can get their product delivery at doorstep respectively.

Why Friendshop?
It can be proved as great time savour to the customers. We give our assurance to the customer for the accurate and punctual delivery of their orders. Direct contact of Shopkeeper to the Friendshop Retailers is possible here.

If any problem in order, then?
If any problem occurs, customers can directly contact to the retailers on the available email. If there are any technical issues, our technical team will solve it in short span of time for betterment purpose.

How to trust Friendshop?
As Customers are registered with Freindshop,they can directly contact and give complaint about anything anytime. We believe in security and correct information so that your product till the delivery should be safe. We review each order separately and then accept orders in accordance with the security.

What about Delivery Packets?
Freindshop provides secure order packets to individual orders, so the ordered product will be perfectly delivered to the destination through our delivery boy.

How to do payment?
As Friendshop currently doesn’t have online payment facility, so the payment must be handed to the delivery boy at the time of order delivery. Card Payment is available only at the Retailers office. We advice customers to check the quantity and quality of products before payment and if satisfied, they can do payment to the delivery boy.

Product Policy and Cancellation Policy.
Product will be cancelled only if the customers address is either unreachable or wrong and if the location distance is out of order area, the order will be cancelled.